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WWW.ULIKECHEM.COM Market Pulse is a DaaSservice which aims to provide you with accurate and real-time chemical pricesto better understand how the business is performed in the chemical market. This market data is generated from WWW.ULIKECHEM.COM Market Pulse database. It is obtained through scientific and systematic calculations on the collection of WWW.ULIKECHEM.COM's price-qualified transaction data.


Due to the reason tremendous chemicals beingsearched, quoted, transacted and transported online daily at WWW.ULIKECHEM.COM, thus generating numerous valuable data and information about chemicals from these activities. It is these data and information that enable customers to better understand how the business is performed in the chemical market so as to make sound business decision accordingly.


With the power of the largest chemicale-commerce platform in China, WWW.ULIKECHEM.COM is committed to providing customers with a fee-for-service “Market Pulse” product featuring real time information and data pertaining to five dimensions: chemical inquires, pricingquotation, transaction prices, most searched products and logistic information,which are originated from the platform and other resources daily.


1.Procurement Requests


Procurement requests are portion of requests submitted by the customers on the platform. They are real and present valuable business opportunities for both suppliers and customers.


2.Pricing Quotation


The pricing quotations are for referencepurpose only. These prices were quoted by Chinese suppliers who have the products in house.


3.Transaction Prices


The transaction prices are for reference purpose only. They are generated from products sold in domestic market in China, and quoted in RMB.


4.Most Searched Products


There are millions of products listed and sold on the platform. The most searched products represent the products that the customers are currently interested in purchasing. Such information provides potential business opportunities for the suppliers.


5.Logistic Information


The logistic is an integral part of thewhole transaction process. The logistic information helps the customers better select the right logistic partners and related transport routes, making the whole transaction process more cost saving with high efficiency.

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